In our Pre-K room, children are recognizing the skills and knowledge needed for kindergarten. Learning Centers are designed throughout the room to help provide your child with the appropriate learning materials in order to attain these skills.

Teachers interact with the children through the introduction of reading and math readiness, language arts, and science. Art and music are a large part of their day. A variety of hands-on activities help your pre-K child grow and develop socially, emotionally, and academically.

• Nurturing and secure environment

• An atmosphere that allows for child-directed learning, curiosity
  and a thirst for knowledge to take place in a stimulating environment.

• The program offers a wide range of hands-on activities that allow children
  to develop at their own pace by exploration and investigation.

• A daily schedule and special planned activities are designed to integrate
  teacher-structured lessons and child directed learning!

• Opportunities are given for outdoor and indoor play along with pottery,
  computer lab, and foreign language.

• Our program strives to further develop the child’s self-confidence and
  social skills through activities that focus on learning to share, self-help,
  problem solving, and relating to others in a group environment.

• The teacher is qualified and experienced in implementing daily lessons and
  planned activities that expands the child’s skills within the framework
  of their learning.

Read the daily schedule for the pre-kindergarten room