Academy Of Young Minds recognizes that our mission is to serve children, staff, families, and communities. We have made a commitment to provide positive, nurturing, and enriched learning environments and experiences that foster cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development in each child as an individual. It is our philosophy that each child will attain his/her potential if given the appropriate guidance and activities to promote this development. Our center highly emphasizes a curriculum that includes a full day of creative and constructive learning. Along with art, computer lab, dance, and dramatic play, your child is offered educational instruction in reading, math, science, language arts, social studies, and foreign language.

We provide opportunities to our staff that promote personal and professional growth and development that further enhances their abilities and empowers them to bring necessary, key experiences to the children’s daily environment. They attend periodic in-services on pertinent issues such as Behavior Modification, Play Therapy, and Child Development. In addition, staff members are trained in first aid, the recognition, prevention, and management of communicable diseases and recognition of child abuse. All full time teachers at our center are certified in early childhood development and/or degreed in education. They understand the importance of following and communicating the progress of your child’s growth. Therefore, weekly lesson plans are posted, daily reports are posted, and parent teacher communication is encouraged for your child’s optimal development. You may be secure in knowing that your child is in the care of a loving, knowledgeable and a professional staff member who deeply values your child as an individual and who will contribute positively to their overall development.

We provide assurances to families that their children benefit from the daily experiences we offer. We recognize that the parents are the primary source of education in their child’s life. Through this recognition, we strongly encourage participation and support from the parents. Parents are welcome to visit their child or to participate with them in their classroom at any time during the day.

We further allow families to pursue careers and activities within our communities that contribute to and enhance the healthy development of the family unit and the community as a whole. We are committed to developing quality standards and establishing a strong presence through growth and awareness that effectively impacts the early childhood care and education community.