This room is designed to promote and encourage investigation and exploration. The two-year olds enjoy toys and manipulative materials that move, make sounds, and imitate household objects.

Teachers interact with the children through the introduction of colors, shapes, counting, sign language, story telling, art and music. Toddlers are encouraged to express their emotions and independent thoughts.

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• Nurturing and secure environment

• An atmosphere that allows for child-directed learning, curiosity and a thirst
  for knowledge to take place in a stimulating environment.

• The program offers a wide range of activities that develop social and cognitive
  skills by exploration and interaction.

• A consistent daily routine is developed to provide a sense of security,
  self-assurance, that toddlers need.

• The curriculum includes stimulation with music, songs, conversation,
  and toys that are developmentally appropriate.

• A written daily record is kept of your childs physical, emotional, and eating habits.

• We affirm your childs development of self-independence through efforts in potty training,
  self-dressing, eating, and personal hygiene

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What to Bring
A labeled blanket for naptime
A complete change of labeled clothing